The dream library

So I’ve spent the morning so far progressing with CILIP and, as part of this, I’ve been looking at other librarianship blogs. I found this post from Jenny Arch to be very interesting and the Prezi presentation she linked has given me some ideas. Two quotes I found thought provoking were: ‘A building that can … More The dream library

CILIP progress

I mentioned a while ago that I am working towards CILIP chartership as part of my job. It took a long time to actually determine what was required in this process and it was only after meeting with my mentor that I began to really understand. I had my second mentor meeting this morning and … More CILIP progress

Reading Schemes

Before I became a secondary school TA and now librarian, I completed part of a teacher training degree in the primary age range. I am finding that, with the advent of Accelerated Reader, I am having to revisit some of the frustrations that I had during this training and my feelings towards reading schemes. When … More Reading Schemes

Hooking readers

Inspired by my latest competition win of a football goal, I thought I’d write about reading hooks today. When preparing for Accelerated Reader, we naturally assumed that it would be the boys who we would have to lure in and bought up stock especially. As it turns out, there have been just as many girls … More Hooking readers