Blogging – Private or public?

I had quite an upsetting day yesterday. Firstly a pupil was absolutely vile to me and ended the encounter by telling me to ‘Go f**k [my]self.” Shortly after this my co-librarian upset me by telling me that I had upset her!

I haven’t mentioned my co-librarian previously because I see this blog as about my journey into librarianship and, well, I don’t think it would be polite to blog about someone else; akin to talking behind someone’s back. I mentioned my blog to her as I am hoping to use it as evidence for a qualification which we are both doing. She expressed an interest in reading it and I said no. My reasons behind this are that I don’t want anyone who knows me to read my blog! Primarily, I intend to blog about life in the library but there may be times, like today, when I want to share personal feelings and I don’t want to have to filter myself in what is, essentially, my online diary.

I’d appreciate any comments on this, was I wrong to tell her I want my blog to be private? Do you share your blogs with friends and colleagues? Until next time.


3 thoughts on “Blogging – Private or public?

  1. I would keep your blogs to yourself…there are too many people who want to find fault in what you write. If you know she is reading it you might hold back rather than write what you really want to!


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