As part of my new job I have been asked to complete a CILIP chartership. It has taken an extremely long time to get started, mostly because the website itself is not particularly well laid out. The course documentation used the most highbrow and convoluted language I’ve ever seen, I have a BA and I think you would need a PHD to understand it! Thankfully I attended a workshop run by CILIP and it turns out it isn’t that difficult after all.

I have to show development in three areas: Personal development, service development and wider context development. I am hoping that this blog will serve as one of my wider context development. My plans are to start reading around the area of librarianship and maybe devote some posts to that, any comments from my lovely followers could be used as evidence for my portfolio.

So I have spent this morning looking into the library budget for the academic year 2014/15 and identifying any areas where we could save next year. It was surprisingly easy; just by switching supplier to Amazon we can save over £100 on stationery, by continuing to use the Book People for most of our books we can save again. Overall I’ve worked out savings of over £400 which hopefully can be put into operation and be used for other projects.

Another wider context development I’m hoping to implement is the introduction of ‘babysitting packs’ for our students to take home. My colleague saw these in another school and thinks they would be great for our pupils to use with their siblings. The plan is to choose a theme for each bag (for example, Starting School.) Each bag would have a picture book, small toy and activity to complete. Ideally I would liaise with children’s librarians in the public sector, nursery workers and maybe speech and language professionals to get the best idea of what to include and for what age ranges. Of course, the most fun part of this will be shopping for the toys and activities! I do like to hit up the charity shops and pound shops with a specific goal in mind! This time last year I was creating A2 displays for the English GCSE anthology poems, decorated with pound shop and charity bargains. The princess jewellery for The Last Duchess by Robert Browning was particularly fun to arrange.

So no doubt in future I will be blogging more about my CILIP adventures. They say it can take up to 18 months to get everything together; but I’m the kind of person who likes to get things done rather than put things off so I may end up finishing sooner (and probably getting a lot wrong in the process. Until next time…


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