There’s more to life than reading?

Really? Is there? I thought today I would write a short post about one of my other passions: Entering competitions. It shows how much I am influenced by tv that I watched a show called ‘Extreme Sweepstakers’ and thought ‘I could do that!’

A little bit of background; when I was a kid I would routinely enter the competitions in Bunty magazine and was very successful. Over the years I won a Neighbours weddings dvd!!! Plus enough Sylvanian Family prizes that it felt like Christmas. Since those days however I’ve not really entered competitions, except the Lottery and the less said about my success rate in that the better!

So after watching this show I set myself up with a separate email account (you get a lot of spam when you enter online competitions) Twitter account (@Natterjacktoad7 if anyone wants to follow me, but I do post exclusively about competitions) and a Facebook page. That is a Big Deal because I would shut down Facebook tomorrow for all the problems it causes in school and I considered it a badge of honour that I didn’t have a Facebook page. I discovered this site where hundreds of competitions are posted, and I was hooked. I won my first prize within two weeks: two crates of alcoholic ginger beer (over 40 bottles!) Since then the prizes have come steadily at a rate of about one per week, more some weeks and less others. They go from the sublime (£250 to spend on La Redoute clothes, an £850 guitar, a TV and dvd player, a laptop, £1000 to spend on furnishing) to the ridiculous (oven mitts for a doll, one sachet of porridge, a case of soy milk.)

I absolutely love this hobby as it’s something I can do for an hour a night while I watch tv and you literally never know what will end up coming through your door. It’s also a way of getting to find out about new goods and sites, such as Kawaii Box which I will no doubt blog about at some point since I’m obsessed with it! Of course, the best thing about it is that I sometimes win books, which means I don’t have to buy them myself! I’ve just finished reading Awful Auntie and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; both of which were wins.

Later on I plan to host a blog competition of my own, partly as a way to gain comments for my CILIP evidence and partly to give back to the comping community who have given me so much fun over the last two years. Who knows what my next prize will be? I can’t wait to find out!


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