CILIP progress

I mentioned a while ago that I am working towards CILIP chartership as part of my job. It took a long time to actually determine what was required in this process and it was only after meeting with my mentor that I began to really understand. I had my second mentor meeting this morning and it is good to know that I am on the right track.

As usual after any meeting I then spent two hours frantically working. I always do this, I need to get as much done as soon after the meeting as possible. Firstly, because it is still fresh in my head but also because I know this enthusiasm won’t last so I need to make use of it while it’s there. I was even like this at university: We’d be given a list of essays in October to be completed by May and mine would all be done by Christmas. I just don’t like having things sitting there waiting, when they could be done already! I don’t understand procrastinators at all.

Hopefully I will have more positive CILIP news to blog about in future. I won’t do any more today as there are classes in the library all afternoon but I hope to get another chunk done tomorrow morning. Onwards and upwards!


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