Time to be kawaii

I’ve had an extremely difficult week this week work-wise and, much as I’d love to get it off my chest by blogging about it, my professionalism prevents that. So  instead I thought I’d blog about something light and flluffy because yesterday my Kawaii Box came!

Kawaii Box is a fantastic service whereby you receive 10-12 items from Japan and Korea every month. Kawaii means ‘cute’ in Japanese and the items certainly are that! You can see the selection I received this month below which I am really pleased with. Sometimes I receive items that I won’t use but, working in a school, I am never short of someone to pass them along to. You also get to sample very interesting snacks, including the green tea flavoured KitKat which I certainly didn’t know existed!20150703_115937

My favourite things each month are the stationery items. I’m one of those old-fashioned people who still has penfriends so I love cute paper and envelopes. Also, having a desk as part of my job now, it brightens up my day to write in a cute notebook with a cute pen rather than boring post it notes and a biro. This month I received a super-cute little notebook with a pen, a yellow llama shaped rubber, some mini writing paper and envelopes and a cute lilac pen with purple ink. The notebook will come to school with me, the llama will be used as my cross-stitching rubber and I’ll use the pen and paper for writing to friends.


Each month you usually receive some sweet charms and I now have them hanging from everything. The huge squishy dounut is attached to my bookmark, the crepe charm is my keyring and the adorable plush banana dangles from my phone. I also have a charm hanging from my school ID badge too but that was from last month’s box.


Sweet treats are always welcome and this month was chewing gum. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m excited to.


Another thing I love is stickers and Kawaii box supply me with plenty of those! This month’s are shaped like sheep and llamas and the stationery set also had two cute stickers. As well as sticking them on my letters I also use them on my monitor at school and to cover my face on my ID badge (such an awful photo!)


Lastly there are sometimes beauty or travel related items and this month I received a comb / mirror which slots into a pink chocolate bar, a bow hair elastic and a llama card wallet.


I hope you liked my Kawaii box review! This was actually May’s box which was delayed so I may have my June box to review soon!


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