Library expedition!

As part of my CILIP chartership I have to make links with the outside world of libraries (noooo, inside good, outside bad!) So today I went to visit South Bank and Grangetown libraries to have a mooch about their childrens’ sections. Next school year we are planning to put together ‘babysitting packs’ for our pupils to take home. We hope to include picture books, a toy and an activity so I ventured out to get some inspiration for them.

I met the lovely librarians who invited me along to some mother and toddler groups, even though I don’t have a toddler. Hopefully I won’t look like some weirdo creeper!

It was such a mind trip to go back to Grangetown library because I literally haven’t been there for over twenty years but it was my favourite place when I was a kid. My Mum would take me every week and I have vivid memories of sitting on one of the big leather chairs, my feet not even making it to the edge of the seat and with a massive pile of books next to me. My Mum had the same difficulty getting me out of the library that we have now getting my nephew off a bouncy castle! I would also visit the same library once a week with my school as it was just down the road from my primary.

My favourite place as a child!

There are definitely fewer books in the libraries now than when I visited as a child, which is sad. I know that technology is king but I hope that printed books never go completely. So next week I will be attending some mother and toddler sessions in the library, can’t wait!


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