Rhyme Time

Thanks to everyone who is entering my competition and giving me super ideas for my babysitting packs, keep them coming!

Yesterday I went to South Bank library and observed a Tiny Tunes toddler group led by the superb Pam. The turnout was quite low but school holidays will always see this happen; despite that the kids and mums (and grandma) had a great time. I hadn’t really considered just using nursery rhymes for the activities but now I think that might be the way to go: Starting with a nursery rhyme and finding a book and activity that match, rather than starting with the book.

I also realised that I would really love to do what Pam does, except I work in a secondary school and I don’t think my pupils would be receptive to maracas and dancing to nursery rhymes. Some would, but I don’t think I could get that idea past the headteacher! What I may be able to do though is invite some pupils from the SEN school we share our school library with, as they take pupils from reception age. It’s an exciting thought because I started in education in the Primary stage and I did enjoy it.

Anyway, keep those ideas coming; I welcome them all!


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