The right to read

Given that it’s my holiday, I’ve been reading lots lately. Whilst at work I usually manage a book a week but, with more time, I can read up to three a week depending on the books. With that in mind I’d like to blog about the right to read.

I came across this article which is both heartwarming and sad. I have a student who is in a similar position: She is looked after by the local authority and lives in a different town to our school. She reads a whole book every night and, on the last day of term, we sent her away with an armful of books, knowing that they would last her only a week at best. Her local library has closed down and she has no means of getting to the library in the next town.

I find that tragic. Reading should be a human right, it is that important. It is criminal that so many libraries are closing down and the ones that do remain open seem to have to do everything besides issue books. When I visited my two local libraries last week I was dismayed by how few books there actually where there. Councils are giving libraries less and less money and librarians are instead expected to hand out recycling bags and issue bus passes. What message does this send out about the importance of reading?


4 thoughts on “The right to read

  1. This is so true! It’s very sad to hear of the fate of the Library.
    Sadly often there is not a lot of time or money put into libraries and many librarians have to be extremely creative with their budgets.
    Perhaps you could ask your local library if they would be interested in running a book drive where members of the community can donate their good quality second hand books to try and bolster their collection? Just a thought 🙂


      1. Very true, you would probably find people would be very generous.
        We had a gentleman come into our Library with suitcases full of what appeared to be as-new books. It turned out that he had just retired and had traveled a lot for his job, he used to buy a book at the airport all the time so he could read during his trip and then never threw them away. It was amazing we had all of these basically new books by James Patterson, Wilbur Smith and a bunch of other writers with the same sort of style.


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