New look, new book…

I’ve managed to find the time to play around with themes and I finally think I’ve found one that I can stick with. My lovely pal Anna pointed out to me that it was not obvious how to leave comments on the theme I was using, and also my widgets weren’t showing. Wow, that sounds like it could be so inappropriate! Widgets must be hidden at all times! So now there is a handy comment button without having to open up the post itself and you can follow me by Twitter just by the click of an icon. Yay! Be forewarned though, I just tweet about competitions!

On that note, today I finished a book I won a few weeks ago: The Glass Bird Girl by Esme Kerr.


I would say this book is aimed at and suitable for girls aged eight to twelve, I guess some boys may be interested too who knows? One of the reviews claims it is perfect for girls ‘looking for a modern Malory Towers.’ That is one Enid Blyton series I didn’t read but I adored The Naughtiest Girl series (old Enid had me wanting a trunk and a tuck box so badly during my childhood;)  so I was well up for reading this boarding school based mystery.

The Glass Bird Girl certainly has all the ingredients for a classic kids’ book: Put-upon orphan with mean-spirited relatives; strict boarding school; mysterious teachers and fragile Russian princesses… Well, just one fragile Russian princess. Orphan Edie is recruited to attend Knight’s Haddon school to discover who has been bullying Princess Anastasia. There are midnight feasts, goodies who you think are baddies, baddies who you think are goodies and the vilest relatives since cousin Dudley (they cook Edie’s goldfish!)

Even though I’m distinctly not in the target demographic for this book, I still enjoyed it and I think my younger self would have loved it too. I’ve now started the second in the series, Mischief At Midnight.


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