The Bridget Jones for teenagers

Yesterday I finished reading the young adult book Have A Little Faith by Candy Harper. The Book People were having a sale on YA books so I have a few on my shelf at the moment, when I’m done with them they’ll go into the school library. I can think of at least half a dozen of our girls who will absolutely love this book.


Faith is a spunky, slightly crazy Year Ten with a small group of followers friends who support her through the many disasters teenage life brings… Mostly boy related but there is some stealing of a teacher’s car. I consider it a high compliment that Bridget Jones’ Diary came into my head often as I was reading this. This isn’t your standard diary-format teen novel.

The character of Faith is fantastically drawn and fleshed out with a supporting cast of equally quirky yet believable characters. Her man-eating granny is my personal favourite but there is also a hippy, vegan Mum, delightfully dippy sidekick Lily, teenage boy prototype 1.0 Westy and many others.

The main plot of the novel concerns Faith trying to ingratiate herself with a group of boys bussed into her all-girl school for the choir. I would heartily recommend it for any girls aged 12-16. If I did have a criticism it would be that Faith is probably too articulate and her quips a little too clever to come across as a real teenager. However, I’m not sure teen readers would pick up on this and, lets face it, it’s not like I’m a key demographic for this kind of book.

I’m looking forwards to donating this to the library and recommending it to our girls.


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