Extra Time

Wow. You remember my view of Striker where I marvelled at the main character Amber’s ability to flit between three men at will? Sometimes having sex with more than one of them in the same Day? Well yesterday I finished book number two in the trilogy, Extra Time.


I’m not going to be able to review this book too well because I’m already 82 pages into book number three, Final Score and, to be honest, it’s all starting to meld into one. That’s not necessarily a bad thing (I tend to think of books like this as candyfloss for the mind – really good for every once in a while) but it makes it difficult to review.

I think that Amber finished book one married to Jim, the man who’d broken her heart and led her on for over 20 years. You’d think that might be the end of the eternal love quadrangle between Amber, Jim, Ryan and Ronnie but then you would be massively underestimating the sheer indecisiveness of Amber! Within pages she’s sleeping with Ryan again and I think she sleeps with Ronnie too except we know he’s nothing more than a best friend and convenient sex partner when it suits Amber. I still think Ronnie is gay, I hope he gets together with one of Ryan’s teammates.

Anyways, amidst all the sex, Amber finds out that she can’t have children due to suffering peritonitis as  a child. I’m assuming the author did her research on this, but I’ve never heard of this as a reason for infertility before. If I remember rightly then this is one of the reasons she ends up leaving Jim and turning to Ryan, with whom she miraculously conceives a son! Sex with Ryan really can do anything!

I can’t really remember how the book ends. I think the baby has been born and Amber, in a stunning moment of independence not seen since the beginning of book one, is with neither Ryan nor Jim!

It  may sound as though I’m trashing this book and I’m really not; I wouldn’t rule out reading another Michelle Betham book because these two have been fun to read. They’re not works of literary genius but they don’t claim to be. I did keep my promise to count all the hands in pockets and heads thrown back: In 564 pages of Extra Time there were 61 instances of hands in pockets and 50 heads thrown back.

I’m now making notes of how many times a character’s stomach  reacts to an event and how many times characters push their hands through their hair (nine times and 19 times so far.) There’s still plenty of hand thrusting and head throwing but I really feel I need to document something else now 😉

Oh, Jim has a 20 year old son. I knew there was something else!


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