No more somersaulting stomachs

I finished the Striker trilogy a couple of days ago and I am eager to report that in 503 pages of Final Score 54 stomachs reacted and hair was pushed back 71 times.


I was fairly underwhelmed by this final installment: sex. more sex, sex with someone else, angst, sex up north, sex in Spain, more angst, best friend who really should have turned out to be gay, more sex etc etc. After a contrived medical emergency, Amber ends up with the wrong person in my opinion and the baby’s needs are put behind the needs of every significant adult.

I was enjoying the trilogy at one point, but it just went on too long for me. Maybe it was too much to read three sexcapades in a row. I’m now back to Young Adult books and I’m currently reading All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill. Tomorrow I’m back to work so I will have to force myself to make serious librarian posts for a while.


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