Libraries….So rock ‘n’ roll

I came across this article today on the front-man of the band Elbow. Turns out he’s a big supporter of libraries and there are some magnificent quotes in that article. I particularly love the comment about libraries being somewhere we go to better ourselves, in whatever way that may be.

I do think that we as librarians do have to fight against that stuffy image that our institutions have. This is particularly true in our school, where the library is more often seen as a sort of refuge for the unpopular than a place where there is something for all pupils. Learning is so digital now that our pupils can do their homework via their mobile phones so why bother going to the library?

Back to the article, it reminded me once again of the fantastic Manic Street Preachers and the opening line to Design For Life

‘Libraries gave us power.’ So I decided to Google and see how many other songs mention libraries or reading… It turns out there are quite a few songs about doing distinctly adult things in the library, not at all appropriate for the project I was thinking of doing at school! I suppose I’ll have to keep searching, in the meantime if anyone knows any songs which mention libraries or reading which would be safe to use in a secondary school then let me know!


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