Back to school

I haven’t had too much time to blog since school restarted two weeks ago but now would be a good time to reflect on what has happened since then.

Last year was incredibly difficult, with the school going into special measures after failing the Ofsted inspection; all the upheaval of a massive staffing restructure and ending with being taken over by an academy. Starting back on the first Monday was like starting a completely new job as there were so many new faces and new procedures to learn. Thankfully, when the pupils came back on Tuesday it was business as usual in the library as, whatever is happening in the school, our pupils can always put a smile on my face.

September is the time of the eager year 7s so we’ve been going into tutor classes to entice them into the library. It has been heartening to see how many of them have then come to borrow books, many bringing them back the next day having finished them! I can’t wait to get this lot started on Accelerated Reader, hopefully testing can go on this week if adequate IT facilities can be found!

New books arrived last week which is always exciting! Yes, I did my clapping hands and jigging on the spot when the caretaker brought the two boxes and spent a happy afternoon deciding which to hang on to and which to send back. Shopping for books with someone else’s money = My Dream Job! Three more boxes should arrive next week!

Wednesday saw the start of this year’s Student Librarian programme. This is a locally run scheme where pupils complete library related tasks and are rewarded with  a ceremony at a host school in spring. Parents are invited and an author presents certificates. The scheme is great because it gets the pupils trained up in how to locate and issue books for other pupils which takes the weight off my colleague and I during busy times.

My hopes for this school year are to be able to delegate enough Accelerated Reader stuff to others in order to plan events to really promote reading across the school. Last year we were really just setting AR up and it took up 99% of what we did. This year we will be running it slightly differently and the onus will be more on the pupils (theoretically at least.) Oh, I’d also like to find the time to complete my CILIP portfolio since I ended my manic phase with it about 75% done and have done little since!


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